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auBorn in 1949 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo/Zaire with high school concentration over Latin and major international literary works, Zephirin Ebonzo, “Xebo”, pursued university studies successively in Dakar Senegal, Louvain Belgium and NYU in New York where he received an MBA in International Finance. After more than thirty years of professional growth and accomplishments in various assignments in the US Corporate world in areas of System Analysis, Internal Auditing and International Finance, and no matter what dispositions and predilections which visited or directed him one way or another, he kept being drawn back to the endless shocking and regressing conditions of political and economic despair in parts of Africa he came from. “Kany Rising” is an attempt to set a record straight for a completely different and better horizon if and only if different objective propositions and criteria were to be applied and followed.